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Meeting with the family after the death of a loved one is never easy. With care and compassion, John helps people collect their thoughts and focus on the tasks at hand.

Probate can also include guardianship and adoption, and John handles each one with the same care.


Costs are discussed during the initial meeting to discuss probate. John says he can determine pretty closely what those costs will be, easing the minds of those left behind.

During the probate process, facts are gathered to help identify how things are titled in an effort to facilitate an orderly transfer of assets. Sometimes it’s necessary to go through probate court, and sometimes it isn’t. John will let you know exactly where you fall in the process.

During a final meeting, all of the necessary paperwork has been prepared and is made ready for signing to make the appropriate transfers to all legal heirs.


When medical and financial decisions have to be made, it’s important to have a top legal mind at the helm to guide the process. John helps establish guardianships for people with loved ones who do not have the appropriate powers of attorney, living wills, or healthcare powers of attorney in place.

Sometimes it’s necessary to go through probate court to establish guardianship, and sometimes it isn’t. John can help you determine which course you and your family will have to take.

A situation like establishing guardianship can be avoided if you have a living will, financial power of attorney, and healthcare power of attorney in place.

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When all parties have agreed to the terms of an adoption, and there is no agency involved, John can be the person who makes sure all necessary paperwork is put in place.